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Collectomate is the perfect solution for your workplace and your home. With Collectomate, collecting parcels and accessing personal lockers becomes quick and easy.

By using the mobile app you can order deliveries to the Collectomate unit and collect parcels at a touch of a button through the mobile app. You can also access your personal locker just as easily.

Generate an incoming delivery order for the Collectomate through the mobile app. Choose the Collectomate that’s allocated to you and confirm your phone number. You will receive a unique delivery code, which will allow your carrier to place your parcel safely inside the Collectomate.

It’s best to enter it in the online order form in the delivery address section, so that it can be displayed on the parcel deliver label. You can also easily copy the code in the app and send it as a text message to the courier or carrier.

Basically anyone you’ve authorised. It’s not only suitable for couriers from shipping companies. Anyone you send the delivery key and your phone number to can deliver something for you using the Collectomate.

This means that the organisation managing the Collectomate (it may be your employer, office manager or property administrator) has not yet allocated any Collectomate to your account. Remember that it’s your company or another Collectomate administrator that decides who can use the unit.

Go to locker feed. That is where you can see all your personal lockers. Open them by pressing a button in the app. Alternatively, you can open your box contactless if the locker is equipped with a reader.

The one you are planning to give to the carrier or enter in your online order. You can enter any phone number in the app. Remember that the carrier needs to have the phone number which you provided while placing the delivery order and the code which you generated for the order so that they can deliver the parcel through the Collectomate.

While creating a delivery order you can optionally add any text, comment or keywords to distinguish between orders. You can always go back to edit the comment.

You will receive a notification both through the mobile app and e-mail.

Go to the delivery order feed in the mobile app. If your parcel is ready for collection, you will see a “Collect” button. All you have to do is use the button. Your locker will open.

Your employer or another Collectomate administrator determines the parcel collection period. In such a case, the parcel will be taken over by an authorised person from your organisation (usually it is a member of reception staff).

If there are no free compartments at the time of delivery, you will be notified through the mobile app and by e-mail. You can then talk directly to the courier about another parcel collection method. The courier can also try to deliver the parcel later.

We are currently working on that. Soon the mobile app will offer such an option through the outgoing deliveries function. This is how you can deliver a parcel to the Collectomate and your carrier or recipient will take it over by entering your phone number and the generated code in the Collectomate.

Collectomates consist of modules with 6 to 14 lockers each, depending on their size. The number of modules, i.e. the number of lockers depends on the administering organisation. The solution is modular and flexible. You can add another module any time. It is possible to arrange the modules freely at a given location, i.e. modules from the same Collectomate may be situated in different places in the same room.

External dimensions of each module: 70cm width, 65dm depth and 200cm height. Currently we offer 6, 8, 10 and 14-locker modules.

There are 5 sizes to choose from:

S – 12cm (W) x 52cm (D) x 21cm (H)

M – 12cm x 52cm x 44cm

L – 29cm x 52cm x 44cm

XL – 64cm x 52cm x 44cm

XXL – 64cm x 52cm x 60cm

The terms and conditions of using a Collectomate are agreed with the Collectomate administrator (employer, office operator or property administrator). Individual users do not bear any costs. The mobile app is completely free.


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