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Streamline operational logistics at workplace and click & collect operations!

Save time and reduce labor consumption, creating friendly and productive workplaces and making your employees happy!
Employees collect packages at workplace?
Your reception is overloaded?
Important correspondence is lost?

Collectomate organizes logistics of correspondence and parcels, offering secure self-service solution for delivery and pick-up.

Our solution is a new way of running workplace logistics!





Project Manager, Kinnarps

“Thanks to Collectomate, employees collect their packages at their convenient time – they do not get distracted, do not leave important meetings, do not take up space at the reception. On the other hand, employees working outside the office on a given day can be sure that the package will wait for them in a safe place.”

Employees waste valuable time to locate packages and for delivering and collecting?

Our solution enables easy delivery to a person and instant pick up with one click!

All you have to do is put our collection point, register in the service and enjoy the simplicity of delivery and collection at a convenient time with the help of our web and mobile app.





PAM & Services Team, Wabco

“Collectomate very well supports the reception in the parcel circulation. This is also important in conditions of multi-shift work. Persons working for later shifts, outside of standard reception working hours, can independently collect parcels and corporate correspondence addressed to them.”

Need efficient solution to protect personal data, company data and employees’ privacy?

With Collectomate you mitigate the risk of personal and company data exposure on packages, documents and correspondence. Employees are also calm about their privacy.


Locker management is too labor intensive?
Think about it, how many times your employees lose keys, codes and badges?
How often do you need to issue new ones?

You can get intelligent lockers, working in cloud, managed by our app or QR code. No more keys, codes and badges. Everything at hand in one web and mobile app. You can open your locker from any place in the world!





Administration Coordinator, Skanska Property Poland

“Thanks to Collectomate I manage lockers much easier and faster. It’s great I can authorize users and perform all locker management activities from one place – through the web browser panel. We’ve already had key cabinets and codes and I can say that Collectomate is the most convenient for both the end user and the manager. ”


Are you an omnichannel retailer?

With Collectomate you can automate in-store Click & Collect operations. Your sales staff will be more productive and customers delighted by how quickly and conveniently can pick up their ecommerce orders.


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